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Team Standings for Weatherford
Region 1 Division 1
Click a lifter name to view details. Click a heading to change sorting.
AthleteWeight ClassBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalRegion Ranking
Todd, Rylan11411122515525563510
kizewtz, james114841858019045524
Kizewic, James1141101606519041526
Bloch, Haynes12312026020532078515
Fikes, Koen132130.433522536592511
Bloch, Haynes132131.430022533586020
Bloch, Hannes13212920520030070535
Marsden, Neil13213122510528061045
Ekberg, Ryan148144.941533037011159
Fidler, Andrew14814632021036089037
fontenot, clayton14813935019034088042
Fikes, Koen148133.831515535582556
Martin, Victor14814332016031579563
Fikes, Khoen14814129515533578567
Miller, Gunner14813929017030076069
marsden, neil14813624014028066082
Kreipe, Daiton165154390330425114521
Simmons, Bradley18116833027535095566
Hernandez, Manny198197.356036545013756
Brewer, Cameron198195.2475310385117030
Clark, Preston198191415315415114535
Burlison, Kade198192385280385105051
Basiliere, Maddox19818835523037596073
Medina, Andres198192.330520034585087
Thompson, Zander22021855540546514257
Hernandez, Manny220210500360450131016
Brewer, Cameron220200.2445315390115048
byrd, ethan220208405305385109562
Clark, Preston220200.4365300365103076
Everett, Evan22020735028033096094
medina, andres22019932020534086599
Thompson, Zander242224550385435137018
Tart, Talon242238470355480130524
Tart, Talan242234475330485129031
everett, evean24222837024534095581
Tart, Talan275242.4485400485137018
Bostick, Riley30829052545046014359
Linehan, Brenton308293.656036051514359
King, XavierSHW37163036545514506
Moses, LoganSHW350.1470360400123012