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Team Standings for Victoria West
Region 5 Division 1
Click a lifter name to view details. Click a heading to change sorting.
AthleteWeight ClassBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalRegion Ranking
Flores, Brodie114109.840524540510551
Williams, Matthew12312331517532081021
Miori, James12312331516531579524
Williams, Matthew132131.536022536595024
Ruby, Jonas132131.934517531583541
Hopkins, Hayes148142.340024534599047
Posada, Aaron148146.627525036088570
Sanchez-Lara, Adrian148141.627017532076596
Jason, Duran165164.257536560015403
Carabajal, Aiden165159.5425300425115059
Carbajal, Aiden165156.2380245405103086
Posada, Aaron165148.2315245315875110
Alvarado, Noah165161.9315235310860113
Leal, Kayden18118157033053514359
Gonzales, Kason181176.3425285495120540
Thomas, Jayden181173385255395103580
Cohen, Jacob181179.6360300365102582
Garcia, Georgio181175.4375245315935103
Neibrandt, Noah198196.465039062516652
Francis, Cael198190520365520140518
Leal, Kayden198183.8540350505139521
Diaz, Christian198192.6465300500126545
Gonzalez, Kason198182.4425275505120556
Otis, Jarin19819136020542599088
Oatis, Jarin198190.2320195375890104
Gay, Colton198196.5300205345850109
Byrd, Jackson220212.7525380435134034
Bryd, Jackson220210480350425125546
Pogue, Jackson220220355255405101587
Gay, Colton220199.122519535577595
Garcia, Gabriel242232565405425139530
Flores, Elijah275273.4515315435126532
Fraire, Jaeden308307600335525146010
Rodriguez, Matthew308285500315325114025
Rosales, Damien308277450290330107028