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Team Standings for Weatherford
Region 6 Division 1
Click a lifter name to view details. Click a heading to change sorting.
AthleteWeight ClassBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalRegion Ranking
Ragle, Brayden1231232751753007507
Wilson, Cameron1321323602353409356
Nelson, Blake148147.437525538010106
Wilton, Jeremiah16516446528547012202
Eames, Blake165164.8420250430110012
SMITH, BARRETT165158.6380225395100021
BORK, BRAYDEN165158.640021536598025
Bork, Braydon16516036520531588555
MELANCON, MICHKEAL165155.826019028073091
Broomes, Ethan181180.245029551012552
Broomes, Eathan181173380255405104031
Wiley, Patrick181181365250405102035
THOMPSON, JACKSON181180.437523036096544
GROH, ANDREW181171.437016033086065
Groh, Adrew18118133516530080077
Thomson, Jackson18118131520527579578
ROCKY, CARSON18117727517528073085
Medina, Christian198197.847035050013204
WILEY, PATRICK198189380275445110029
HARRIS, LLOYD198193390275405107036
GROH, ANDREW19818738017033088070
Scroggins, Mason19819527516025068588
Seals, Daniel220205.653040050014301
Malone, Lane220216.648533545012708
Ross, Bryson220220425300415114022
DENNETT, EAGAN220218.8360330370106035
LOPEZ, GAVIN220215.635522531589581
Wrinkle, Riley242238.460036057515351
Marquez, Gabriel242240.651034049013404
Daniel, Karson242239.846032046012408
DENNETT, EAGAN242236385320355106028
Dennett, Eagen242231350300350100039
GUERRERO, OZZY242231.637021040098041
BOSTICK, RILEY242233.235520532588554
Conner, Jayden275250.260035053014802
O'Bannon, Gary275254.250033046512959
Obannon, Gary275259480315440123520
DANIEL, KARSON275247.4485300440122525
WOODRUFF, ETHAN275252.2430340405117531
MCCUE, CHASEN275261.2375315385107544
King, XavierSHW324.443021542510708