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Team Standings for Conroe The Woodlands
Region 4 Division 1
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AthleteWeight ClassBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalRegion Ranking
Ince, Christopher114113.92101052105258
Alvarez, Lukas12312325014530570010
Hewgley, Hank132131.73352203208758
Gil, Daniel14814644029546512004
Kerguelen, Mauricio148147.8390250395103513
Higginbotham, Tyler148147.8410235385103014
Higgenbotham, Tyler148147.9395235370100016
Provost, Nate148147.337517542597521
NOACK, MACOY148144.235520035090526
Turner, Alex148146.933022534089528
Contreras, Jerry148143.436017535088529
Hewgley, Hank148138.734022031587532
Peterson, Aiden165164.345527552512552
Tuttle, Weston165162.8425250455113013
Higginbotham, Tyler165155.2410235365101028
CONJELKO, ALEX16515934016531081565
Leone, Nathan181176.951028048512754
Smith, Colton181180.647527546012109
CLAYTON, CAYDEN181177445245445113513
BRITTEN, CORT18117530017027574568
FAULKNER, ANDREW181166.824014026064076
Larkworthy, Andrew19819645531550012704
Scott, Ethan198195400265400106525
Tipler, Tristan198193.5375265385102531
KLIE, NATHAN19819130018535584046
WOODRUFF, WILSON198191.630018035083049
Martin, Alex220218.4525315480132010
Otano, Jacob220211.3480270525127513
HANDY, JAKOB220210415225415105537
Scott, Ethan220201.636524537598549
CHUKWUEMEKA, ANTHONY22021930023031584564
MOOMAW, CONNOR220212.617013021551584
Ecuyer, Logan242231.866542564017301
SHILU, ZACH24223736020037593561
THOMAS, BEN275246.634516037588050
Duarte, Sebastian308275.854038552514503
Sieracki, Koltin308297.6450335425121018