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Team Standings for Conroe The Woodlands
Region 4 Division 1
Click a lifter name to view details. Click a heading to change sorting.
AthleteWeight ClassBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalRegion Ranking
Ali, Jared114113.42451553157156
Hewgley, Hank114113.923014525062510
Provost, Nate11411422510028060511
Alvarez, Lukas11411419510525555515
Mitchell, Kase123122.830520030581011
Alvarez, Ian123122.530517532080012
Provost, Matt123120.632012533578013
Staton, Noah123121.121513527062024
Provost, Nate123114.521010527058529
Higginbotham, Tyler13213225015026566524
Gil, Daniel148140.833020538091514
Risner, Ty148140.435018536089518
Kerguelen, Mauricio148146.829515532077049
Higginbotham, Tyler148132.723515023562068
Faulkner, Andrew148146.51558520044071
Tuttle, Weston165164.8410245450110512
Leone, Nathan165164.9425245400107017
Swiggert, John16516533019039091048
Peterson, Brett165157.534520531586560
Peterson, Bret165162.432520530083065
Gilford, Mikiyah165162.731521029582067
Rhame, Davis16515928016531576078
Kerguelen, Mauricio165152.629015530575081
Leone, Nathan181169.245024544011358
Larkworthy, Andrew181180.236023540099534
Rue, Keaton181173.433021535089554
Gilford, Makiyah181169.433021532086562
Clay, Branden198195.254030060514451
Corekin, Blaine198187.8460275430116515
Larkworthy, Andrew198181.934525037096542
Martin, Alex198197.833521536591550
McBride, nick220219.453036047513658
Windsor, Colton220212.7445225450112037
Smith, Dayton220209.3405245385103555
Martin, Alex220201.231520532584583
Andrade, Axel242231.1410200450106048
Andrade, Ricardo24222931519538589576
Milosavljevic, Marko275255.255536053014453
Sorenson, Harrison275274.1525300475130017
Guzman, Manuel27526436520035091574
Lunde, JoshSHW317.537519531588555
Lunde, JoshuaSHW316.833515027576056