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2021 Elysian Fields Powerlifting Meet - Elysian Fields HS - 2/11/2021 - THSPA Boys

Individual Results Click a lifter name to view individual results. Click a team name to view team standings. Click a heading to change sorting.

Wt. ClassPlace *School ClassAthleteTeamBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalGrade
12311Espinoza, DevinGilmer Union Hill120.62901452757100
12323Hicks, SethHughes Springs118.82501652656800
13212Lindsay, JaceBeckville1303652103709450
13223Plasterer, ColbyOre City128.83151853258250
13233Barnwell, KadenHughes Springs1302851803157800
13241Dunn, DanielGilmer Union Hill1322051452756250
14813Ritter, KyleOre City147.83502003759250
14823Wisk, JamesElysian Fields140.42001352355700
16511Bass, JaykeGilmer Union Hill162.235027038010000
16522Campos, CarlosBeckville1603501753658900
16532Heard, ColeBeckville149.63501803008300
16542Rios, BenjiBeckville156.82651653007300
16553Lovell, CadenElysian Fields1552651453057150
18113Wood, JaylinOre City168.845022555012250
18123Smithson, AlderOre City172.641524543010900
18133Murray, JakeHughes Springs172.838522542510350
18143Lancaster, TexanHughes Springs1763252453459150
19813Edwards, ColeHughes Springs196.647029047012300
19823Baird, LynnquaviousHughes Springs194.240025040010500
19831Parish, JonasGilmer Union Hill194.23001603708300
22013Hargett, CodyElysian Fields209.846025538511000
22022Sexton, ElijahBeckville2163602152758500
220SC3Campbell, DylanOre City000000
24213Rodriguez, OscarHughes Springs22442530042011450
24223Lanier, MikeyHughes Springs241.838526538010300
242BO3Garcia, NoahOre City236.64200000
27513Parker, GageElysian Fields268.648529042512000
27522Cormany, AndrewBeckville25646024548511900
27532Shivers, RandallBeckville26243023540010650
275SC3Gabaldon, AJOre City000000
SHW13Tatum, JonOre City324.859531549014000
* BO-Bombed Out     SC-Scratched     DQ-Disqualified

Team Results Click a heading to change sorting

TeamPlaceScoring *RegionDivision
Hughes Springs17+7+5+5+5+3+3+2=37 points32
Ore City27+7+7+5+5=31 points32
Beckville37+5+5+5+3+3+2=30 points33
Elysian Fields47+7+5+1=20 points32
Gilmer Union Hill57+7+3+2=19 points33
* 1st-7 points     2nd-5 points     3rd-3 points     4th-2 points     5th-1 point