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Wakeland-Liberty-Frisco Meet - Wakeland High School - 2/11/2021 - THSPA Boys

Individual Results Click a lifter name to view individual results. Click a team name to view team standings. Click a heading to change sorting.

Wt. ClassPlace *School ClassAthleteTeamBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalGrade
11415Jawwadullah, MDFrisco Liberty1122001002755750
12315Clasen, NoahFrisco Wakeland116.42051002255300
13215Alnseirat, AmeerFrisco Liberty129.72351252556150
14815Hardin, DylanFrisco1473402452258100
14825Nate, LoganFrisco Wakeland137.42351452606400
14835Alnseirat, EhabFrisco Liberty144.72251302405950
16515Anderson, BenFrisco Liberty162.843028044011500
16525Forte, CalebFrisco Liberty162.138026539010350
16535Wilson, JoshFrisco Wakeland155.13302403609300
16545Stamper, PaytonFrisco Wakeland155.43202253659100
16555Albert, D'MireFrisco163.22751602907250
16565Hamilton, JordanFrisco164.22751652256650
18115Maynard, GarrettFrisco Wakeland178.142521540010400
18125Ortiz, BernieFrisco Liberty176.640521540510250
18135Wilson, ChristianFrisco Wakeland172.936525038510000
18145Dinota, BennettFrisco176.73502253509250
19815Holehan, XavierFrisco Wakeland183.240522538510150
198BO5Johnson, CodyFrisco Wakeland190.300000
22015Lee, JaewonFrisco Wakeland213.844026551512200
22025Teta, NickFrisco Liberty218.947526546512050
22035Hancock, JosephFrisco Liberty217.943520042510600
22045Hickman, WillFrisco Wakeland216.241523040510500
22055Vejju, NitinFrisco Liberty211.32001152305450
220BO5King, ChaseFrisco200.53350000
24215McMillin, CarsonFrisco Wakeland230.842523542510850
24225Addo, DicksonFrisco Liberty235.440520545010600
24235Jones, JackFrisco Wakeland225.83051853158050
242BO5Davis, DillonFrisco Liberty225.43600000
27515Reeves, AustinFrisco270.150033545012850
27525Simmons, JadonFrisco Liberty246.13302503008800
* BO-Bombed Out     SC-Scratched     DQ-Disqualified

Team Results Click a heading to change sorting

TeamPlaceScoring *RegionDivision
Frisco Wakeland17+7+7+7+7+5+3+3+3+2+2=53 points61
Frisco Liberty27+7+7+5+5+5+5+5+3+3+1=53 points61
Frisco37+7+2+1=17 points61
* 1st-7 points     2nd-5 points     3rd-3 points     4th-2 points     5th-1 point