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Borger Invitational - Borger High School Turf Room - 1/27/2024 - THSPA Boys

Individual Results Click a lifter name to view individual results. Click a team name to view team standings. Click a heading to change sorting.

Wt. ClassPlace *School ClassAthleteTeamBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalGrade
12312Salinas, AngelAmarillo Highland Park119.63152103058300
12324Ramos, ElianBorger121.227012526566010
13214Reneau, HunterBorger13032517534584510
14812Maples, SegerAmarillo Highland Park141.539529541511050
14822Galvan, DominicAmarillo Highland Park142.63602303909800
14834Smith, RylanBorger147.935020535090512
14844Yankee, DylanBorger1483201803358359
14852Brown, AaronAmarillo Highland Park145.63051803158000
14864Henriquez, VictorBorger140.122514526063010
14874Gaytan, MarcelloBorger1441751202004959
148BO4Johnson, JoshuaBorger147.800009
16514Brooks, TylerBorger164.4430250405108511
16524Henninger, MelBorger163.431517031580011
165BO2Phan, ThomasAmarillo Highland Park157.2405195000
18112Garcia, JuniorAmarillo Highland Park176.747028549012450
18122Thies, MichealPanhandle178.944535044012350
18134Wilson, SeanBorger179.1470260415114512
18142Smith, DegynPanhandle179.44052153709900
19812Butcher, JesseAmarillo Highland Park19748535051013450
19824Gray, ChanceBorger189.3405300390109511
19834Farmer, EastonBorger191.23251602757609
19844Mitchell, AshtonBorger183.72251353256859
19854Sells, BrixtonBorger1912051352055459
22012Wagner, ClayPanhandle21647530040511800
22022Medina, DustyPanhandle20744025541511100
22032Burch, MatthewAmarillo Highland Park212.340526538010500
220BO4Rodriguez, BlakeBorger219000010
24214Padilla, IsaiahBorger241.8565415450143012
24222Stephens, ZachPanhandle225.853033045513150
24232Tran, ThomasAmarillo Highland Park228.446531541511950
24242Lucas, KalebAmarillo Highland Park239.645023545011350
24252Gardner, HaydenAmarillo Highland Park239.640520542510350
24262Cortez, ChrisAmarillo Highland Park220.73651853859350
275BO4Cardenas, CarlosBorger262.3000011
30812Hoang, AntonyAmarillo Highland Park280.546029044011900
* BO-Bombed Out     SC-Scratched     DQ-Disqualified

Team Results Click a heading to change sorting

TeamPlaceScoring *RegionDivision
Amarillo Highland Park17+7+7+7+7+5+3+3+2+1+1=50 points14
Borger27+7+7+5+5+3+3+3+2=42 points12
Panhandle37+5+5+5+2=24 points14
* 1st-7 points     2nd-5 points     3rd-3 points     4th-2 points     5th-1 point