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J.J. Pearce Powerlifting Meet - J.J. Pearce High School - 1/27/2021 - THSPA Boys

Individual Results Click a lifter name to view individual results. Click a team name to view team standings. Click a heading to change sorting.

Wt. ClassPlace *School ClassAthleteTeamBWTSquatBench PressDead LiftTotalGrade
13216Fleming, QuinnRichardson Pearce1281651052104800
14816Whitehead, NoelRichardson Lake Highlands1433302054059400
14826Granados, ChrisRichardson Berkner1342251453006700
14836Lian, CungRichardson Lake Highlands1452651252706600
14846Daniel, LuelleRichardson Pearce1352051552406000
14856Palermo, GavinRichardson Pearce1472051052405500
16516Williams, TrentRichardson Pearce1583351853358550
16526Hardin, ChanceRichardson Lake Highlands1633201953258400
16536Papathanasiou, DimitriRichardson Pearce1551951402505850
18116Puckett, JeromeRichardson Lake Highlands1763502003509000
19816Martinez, IsaacRichardson Pearce1933402403709500
19826Weiss, AlexRichardson Pearce1853152253759150
19836Jordan, MichaelRichardson Berkner1983252053508800
19846Johnson, JoaquinRichardson Lake Highlands1963101903258250
198BO6Hutton, WillRichardson Lake Highlands188390042000
22016Ramirez, RodolfoRichardson Pearce21840526046511300
22026Dubuclet, DrewRichardson Lake Highlands20538523050511200
22036Sears, BriggRichardson Pearce2053151853258250
22046Baker, ChristianRichardson Pearce2123002003208200
24216Flores, AngelRichardson Pearce2352501853157500
242BO6Vasquez, LuisRichardson Lake Highlands241300030000
275BO6Potter, MiloRichardson Lake Highlands2605000000
275BO6Ayers, TonyRichardson Berkner253.6315036500
30816Johnson, JaiDenRichardson Berkner27947023549011950
30826Porter, JacksonRichardson Berkner293.23351853608800
30836Mcgee, JaylenRichardson Lake Highlands2763001852607450
SHW16Odelami, SamRichardson Lake Highlands32247527553512850
SHW26Conyers, SamRichardson Berkner344.82952103458500
* BO-Bombed Out     SC-Scratched     DQ-Disqualified

Team Results Click a heading to change sorting

TeamPlaceScoring *RegionDivision
Richardson Pearce17+7+7+7+7+5+3+3+2+2+1=51 points31
Richardson Lake Highlands27+7+7+5+5+3+3+2=39 points31
Richardson Berkner37+5+5+5+3=25 points31
* 1st-7 points     2nd-5 points     3rd-3 points     4th-2 points     5th-1 point