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Live Meets In Progress

DateMeetLocationDivisionRegionLast Update 
3/10/2021Sample MeetSandhill SoftwareTHSPA Boys11/22/2021 2:04:03 PMView Standings
1/28/2021PSJA QUAD MEETPSJA KENNEDY MSTHSPA Boys51/15/2021 10:38:00 AMView Standings
1/23/2021Lehman Powerlifting MeetLehman High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/21/2021 10:25:36 AMView Standings
1/22/2021BISD Meet 5Cummings BISDTHSPA Boys51/22/2021 6:51:38 PMView Standings
1/21/2021BISD Meet 4Cummings BISDTHSPA Boys51/21/2021 8:13:17 PMView Standings
1/21/2021Burnet InvitationalBurnet High SchoolTHSPA Boys31/21/2021 9:14:29 PMView Standings
1/21/2021Childress Invitational #2(BOYS)Childress Highway WeightroomTHSPA Boys11/21/2021 8:02:03 PMView Standings
1/21/2021GCCISD CoedRobert E. Lee HSDivision 141/22/2021 7:17:43 AMView Standings
1/21/2021Holland InvitationalHolland High SchoolTHSPA Boys41/21/2021 8:20:07 PMView Standings
1/21/2021Kemp Dual MeetKemp High SchoolTHSPA Boys31/22/2021 12:28:29 PMView Standings
1/21/2021Moody Tri MeetMoodyTHSPA Boys21/22/2021 12:25:40 PMView Standings
1/21/2021North Lamar InvitationalNorth LamarTHSPA Boys21/21/2021 8:17:39 PMView Standings
1/21/2021ORANGE GROVE BULLDOG BASH BOYSORANGE GROVETHSPA Boys51/21/2021 6:08:54 PMView Standings
1/21/2021Silsbee Tiger MeetSilsbee High SchoolTHSPA Boys41/21/2021 7:39:13 PMView Standings
1/20/2021Comfort Power MeetComfort HSTHSPA Boys21/20/2021 4:56:58 PMView Standings
1/20/2021IC Invitational MeetICISD- MertzonTHSPA Boys11/20/2021 11:44:06 AMView Standings
1/19/2021EVHS Closet Meet (Boys)GHS Big RoomTHSPA Boys21/19/2021 5:28:56 PMView Standings
1/16/20212021 sandhills PLWard county event CENTERTHSPA Boys11/16/2021 12:58:41 PMView Standings
1/16/2021BISD Meet 3Cummings BISDTHSPA Boys51/16/2021 11:32:14 AMView Standings
1/16/2021C-City Powerlifting InvitationalThe Pit, Colorado City, TXTHSPA Boys21/16/2021 12:11:54 PMView Standings
1/16/2021Dumas Tri-MeetDumasTHSPA Boys11/16/2021 2:39:42 PMView Standings
1/16/2021Hillsboro Dual Meet 1Hillsboro High School Weight RoomTHSPA Boys21/16/2021 2:03:46 PMView Standings
1/16/2021Midland Bulldog InvitationalMidland High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/17/2021 4:46:06 PMView Standings
1/16/2021Taylor High School355 FM 973 Taylor TXTHSPA Boys21/16/2021 5:27:38 PMView Standings
1/16/2021THS Duck Invitation355 FM 973 Taylor TXTHSPA Boys21/16/2021 5:20:43 PMView Standings
1/16/2021Viking Invitational 2021Bryan HSTHSPA Boys21/17/2021 1:35:13 PMView Standings
1/15/2021BISD Meet 2Cummings BISDTHSPA Boys51/15/2021 7:24:22 PMView Standings
1/15/2021Falcon InvitationalLFU DomeTHSPA Boys51/15/2021 9:05:19 PMView Standings
1/15/2021Jacket DualEdcouch Elsa Field House Weight RoomTHSPA Boys51/15/2021 8:14:07 PMView Standings
1/14/2021BISD MeetCummings BISDTHSPA Boys51/14/2021 7:38:06 PMView Standings
1/14/2021Bishop Boys Quad MeetBHSTHSPA Boys51/14/2021 6:39:57 PMView Standings
1/14/2021Iron Tiger Dual Meet 2GoliadTHSPA Boys51/14/2021 9:22:38 PMView Standings
1/14/2021Jacksboro Powerlifting Meet 2021JacksboroTHSPA Boys61/14/2021 8:13:14 PMView Standings
1/14/2021Lampasas InvitationalLampasas High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/14/2021 7:23:17 PMView Standings
1/14/2021Navarro InvitationalNavarro High SchoolTHSPA Boys41/14/2021 8:19:12 PMView Standings
1/14/2021Plainview TriangularPlainview, TXTHSPA Boys11/14/2021 7:50:16 PMView Standings