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Live Meets In Progress

DateMeetLocationDivisionRegionLast Update 
2/15/20207th Annual Orange Grove InvitationalOrange GroveTHSPA Boys52/15/2020 1:53:46 PMView Standings
2/15/2020Eldorado InvitationalEldorado HS GymTHSPA Boys12/15/2020 5:11:49 PMView Standings
2/15/2020Forsan Buffs InvitationalForsan GymTHSPA Boys12/15/2020 12:33:27 PMView Standings
2/15/2020Fort Stockton Power ClassicFort Stockton, TexasTHSPA Boys12/15/2020 5:34:57 PMView Standings
2/15/2020Merkel Powerlifting MeetMerkelTHSPA Boys12/15/2020 1:22:37 PMView Standings
2/15/2020Michael D. White InvitationalBlooming GroveTHSPA Boys32/15/2020 5:17:59 PMView Standings
2/15/2020Pioneer Invitational MeetPioneer HS, Mission, TXTHSPA Boys52/15/2020 3:17:13 PMView Standings
2/13/2020Borger InvitationalBorger Athletic ComplexTHSPA Boys12/14/2020 7:22:34 AMView Standings
2/13/2020Copperas Cove Bulldawg MeetGym 2 ( Copperas Cove HS)THSPA Boys22/13/2020 9:09:03 PMView Standings
2/13/2020Donna North Powerlifting MeetDonna North HSTHSPA Boys52/13/2020 4:26:31 PMView Standings
2/13/2020H.O.T Powerlifting MeetBrady TexasTHSPA Boys22/14/2020 9:07:52 AMView Standings
2/13/2020Livingston InvitationalLivingston HSTHSPA Boys42/14/2020 4:25:46 PMView Standings
2/13/2020Slaton InvitationalSlaton HSTHSPA Boys12/13/2020 9:42:41 PMView Standings
2/13/2020Strongside Powerlifting InvitationalWeslaco East High School GymTHSPA Boys52/13/2020 4:34:58 PMView Standings
2/13/2020West Brook Invitational QuadWest Brook High SchoolTHSPA Boys52/13/2020 7:07:11 PMView Standings
2/11/2020Hornet InvitationalAzleTHSPA Boys62/11/2020 7:56:55 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Andrews InvitationalAndrews Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys12/8/2020 4:51:58 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Archer City InvitationalArcher CityTHSPA Boys62/8/2020 1:00:40 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Bullard InvitationalBullard, TXTHSPA Boys32/8/2020 12:09:45 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Castleberry InvitationalCastleberry High SchoolTHSPA Boys62/8/2020 4:52:41 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Dumas Powerlifting InvitationalDumas High SchoolTHSPA Boys12/11/2020 10:55:21 AMView Standings
2/8/2020EC Hornet InvitationalEC Legacy Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys52/8/2020 4:00:40 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Karnes City InvitationalJr. High GymTHSPA Boys52/8/2020 3:47:35 PMView Standings
2/8/2020KermitKermit, TXTHSPA Boys12/8/2020 2:51:57 PMView Standings
2/8/2020La Joya District MeetLa Joya, TexasTHSPA Boys52/8/2020 2:44:54 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Lehman Lobo InvitationalLehman High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/8/2020 4:58:35 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Levelland Powerlifting MeetLevellandTHSPA Boys12/8/2020 4:06:47 PMView Standings
2/8/2020McCamey InvitationalMcCamey middle school gymTHSPA Boys12/8/2020 3:47:27 PMView Standings
2/8/2020Sabine Bo Bates InvitationalSabine Jr HighTHSPA Boys32/8/2020 4:44:04 PMView Standings
2/7/2020Edcouch-Elsa InvitationalE-E Highschool GymTHSPA Boys52/7/2020 4:52:34 PMView Standings
2/7/2020Hawley Bearcat InvitationalBearcat GymTHSPA Boys12/8/2020 4:32:20 PMView Standings
2/7/2020Iron Warrior ClassicHoney GroveTHSPA Boys62/8/2020 6:22:17 AMView Standings
2/7/2020Whitesboro boy's meetWhitesboro High SchoolTHSPA Boys62/8/2020 2:48:08 PMView Standings
2/6/2020Alvord Powerlifting MeetAlvord MSTHSPA Boys62/6/2020 7:56:24 PMView Standings
2/6/2020Cotulla Tr-MeetCotulla High SchoolTHSPA Boys52/6/2020 7:04:08 PMView Standings
2/6/2020Weslaco East Invitational 1Weslaco East GymTHSPA Boys52/6/2020 3:48:04 PMView Standings
2/1/2020ECISD InvitationalEdinburgTHSPA Boys52/1/2020 2:01:04 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Goliad Iron Tiger ClassicGoliad High School Events CenterTHSPA Boys52/1/2020 1:23:43 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Hillsboro Invitational 2020Hillsboro High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/15/2020 3:12:36 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Perryton InvitationalPerryton RangerretteTHSPA Boys12/1/2020 1:53:51 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Seguin Matador Powerlifting Meet 2020Seguin, TexasTHSPA Boys52/1/2020 4:03:36 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Somerset InvitationalSomerset HS GymTHSPA Boys52/1/2020 7:00:16 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Somerset InvitationalSomerset HS GymTHSPA Boys J.V.52/1/2020 7:00:16 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Somerset InvitationalSomerset HS GymTHSPA Boys Ninth Grade52/1/2020 7:00:16 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Texas Invitational 2020UT AustinTHSPA Boys22/2/2020 1:23:42 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Trailblazers 4th Annual InvitationalEdinburg Quest College Prep GymTHSPA Boys52/1/2020 4:27:40 PMView Standings
2/1/2020Waller Invitational Boys MeetWaller High SchoolTHSPA Boys42/6/2020 9:51:02 AMView Standings
1/31/2020Donna High Powerlifting MeetDonna High GymTHSPA Boys51/31/2020 3:53:57 PMView Standings
1/31/2020Oakridge Iron ChampionshipsOakridge SchoolTHSPA Boys61/31/2020 10:53:52 PMView Standings
1/30/2020PSJA Tri-City MeetPSJA High schoolTHSPA Boys51/30/2020 8:48:00 PMView Standings
1/30/2020Saginaw Boys MeetSaginaw, TXTHSPA Boys61/30/2020 8:15:25 PMView Standings
1/30/2020Silsbee Tiger MeetSilsbee High School - Silsbee, TXTHSPA Boys41/30/2020 7:22:03 PMView Standings
1/30/2020Tahoka InvitationalTahokaTHSPA Boys11/30/2020 9:12:37 PMView Standings
1/29/2020Western Hills Cougar InvitationalWestern HillsTHSPA Boys61/30/2020 12:53:10 PMView Standings
1/28/2020Aledo Boys Powerlifting MeetAledoTHSPA Boys61/29/2020 3:23:59 PMView Standings
1/28/2020Aledo Boys Powerlifting MeetAledoTHSPA Boys61/29/2020 3:23:59 PMView Standings
1/25/20203rd Annual Tuloso-Midway Powerlifting MeetTuloso-Midway High SchoolTHSPA Boys51/25/2020 4:59:03 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Abernathy InvitationalAbernathy High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/25/2020 3:32:22 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Bobcat Invatational BoysDimmitt Activity CenterTHSPA Boys11/25/2020 2:39:27 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Coahoma InvitationalCoahoma High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/25/2020 4:12:01 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Dalhart InvitationalDalhart JH HighTHSPA Boys11/25/2020 1:53:01 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Elgin Wildcat InvitationalElgin High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/25/2020 3:06:39 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Georgetown Power Lifting ClassicGeorgetown High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/25/2020 5:06:02 PMView Standings
1/25/2020McAllen ISD InvitationalMcAllen Rowe, McAllen, TXTHSPA Boys51/25/2020 4:29:28 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Navarro InvitationalGeronimo Navarro High SchoolTHSPA Boys51/25/2020 2:03:58 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Randolph HS 3rd annual powerlifting meetUniversal City, TexasTHSPA Boys51/25/2020 3:26:48 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Reagan County ClassicReagan County HS GymTHSPA Boys11/25/2020 5:18:59 PMView Standings
1/25/2020Rice Bulldog InvitationalRice, TXTHSPA Boys31/25/2020 2:55:51 PMView Standings
1/24/2020Viking InvitationalHouse of Pain GymTHSPA Boys51/24/2020 5:08:30 PMView Standings
1/23/2020Burnet Invitational 2020Burnet High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/23/2020 10:55:22 PMView Standings
1/23/2020Malakoff InvitationalMalakoff, TXTHSPA Boys31/23/2020 8:26:56 PMView Standings
1/23/2020Mansfield High Boys InvitationalMansfield High SchoolTHSPA Boys61/23/2020 9:03:50 PMView Standings
3/11/2013Sample meet - best liftSandhill SoftwareBoys Division11/29/2020 11:43:18 AMView Standings
3/10/2013Sample meet - all liftsSandhill SoftwareBoys Division11/30/2020 6:26:13 PMView Standings