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Live Meets In Progress

DateMeetLocationDivisionRegionLast Update 
3/10/2024Sample meet - all liftsSandhill SoftwareBoys Division12/17/2024 5:02:43 PMView Standings
2/20/2024Aledo Boys District MeetAledo Indoor FacilityTHSPA Boys62/20/2024 8:56:41 PMView Standings
2/17/20243rd Annual Slaying Weights Powerlifting MeetHarlingen South GymTHSPA Boys52/17/2024 3:19:37 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Brush Country ClassicSan Diego JHTHSPA Boys52/17/2024 2:29:27 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Ganado Indian ClassicGanadoTHSPA Boys42/17/2024 3:25:52 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Greenwood Ranger InvitationalGreenwood HS Main GymTHSPA Boys12/17/2024 11:08:29 AMView Standings
2/17/2024Highland Park InvitationalHighland Park HSTHSPA Boys12/17/2024 10:01:07 AMView Standings
2/17/2024Mathis InvitationalMathis High SchoolTHSPA Boys52/17/2024 2:10:55 PMView Standings
2/17/2024MISD InvitationalWest Mesquite High SchoolTHSPA Boys32/17/2024 1:55:46 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Rattler Powerlifting MeetSan Marcos High SchoolTHSPA Boys12/17/2024 2:08:43 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Victoria East Clash with the Titans GLQVictoria East HSTHSPA Boys52/17/2024 5:19:34 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Victoria East Clash with the Titans GLQ (import)Victoria East HSTHSPA Boys52/17/2024 10:34:01 AMView Standings
2/17/2024West HS InvitationalWest HSTHSPA Boys22/17/2024 4:05:01 PMView Standings
2/17/2024Wylie Bulldog InvitationalAbilene Wylie DoghouseTHSPA Boys12/17/2024 4:43:30 PMView Standings
2/15/20245th Brahma Strong Powerlifting MeetHM King High School Old GymTHSPA Boys52/15/2024 2:19:08 PMView Standings
2/15/2024BEAST OF TEXASGARRISON COLISEUMTHSPA Boys32/16/2024 7:24:04 PMView Standings
2/15/2024Chaparral Powerlifting MeetChaparral HSTHSPA Boys22/15/2024 9:14:25 PMView Standings
2/15/2024Dayton League MeetDHS GymTHSPA Boys42/15/2024 9:08:16 PMView Standings
2/15/2024De Leon InvitationalDe Leon HS gymTHSPA Boys22/16/2024 8:57:46 AMView Standings
2/15/2024Denver City InvitationalDenver City FieldhouseTHSPA Boys12/15/2024 9:27:12 PMView Standings
2/15/2024District 31-5A Powerlifting ChampionshipSharyland ISDTHSPA Boys52/15/2024 4:08:00 PMView Standings
2/15/2024Highland Powerlifting MeetHighland Activity GymTHSPA Boys22/16/2024 9:21:00 AMView Standings
2/15/2024San Angelo Lake View InvitationalSan Angelo Lake ViewTHSPA Boys12/17/2024 2:18:05 PMView Standings
2/15/2024San Saba InvitationalSan Saba Civic CenterTHSPA Boys22/15/2024 10:51:26 PMView Standings
2/15/2024Santo InvitationalSanto, TXTHSPA Boys62/15/2024 8:33:24 PMView Standings
2/15/2024Seagraves Powerlifting InvitationalSeagraves, TexasTHSPA Boys12/16/2024 2:55:30 PMView Standings
2/15/2024Weslaco High School InvitationalWeslaco High SchoolTHSPA Boys52/16/2024 11:25:34 AMView Standings
2/14/2024Roscoe Powerlifting MeetRoscoe GymTHSPA Boys12/16/2024 1:19:44 PMView Standings
2/10/20242024 Hillsboro InvitationalHillsboro High School GymTHSPA Boys22/10/2024 2:59:40 PMView Standings
2/10/20242024 Kermit Yellowjacket InvitationalKermit, TXTHSPA Boys12/10/2024 4:23:16 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Aldineisd Boys MeetEisenhower Senior HighTHSPA Boys42/10/2024 3:32:25 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Aubrey Invitational MeetAubrey High SchoolTHSPA Boys62/10/2024 2:47:49 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Beeville Trojan InvitationalMoreno Junior HighTHSPA Boys52/10/2024 5:16:57 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Coahoma Meet 2Coahoma FHTHSPA Boys12/10/2024 12:37:27 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Dale Taska Invitational Meet - 7th AnnualTidehaven HSTHSPA Boys42/10/2024 1:04:47 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Eldorado InvitationalEldorado HS GymTHSPA Boys12/10/2024 9:11:14 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Hebbronville Invitational IIHebbronvilleTHSPA Boys52/10/2024 2:00:03 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Howe Invitational Meet - BoysHowe, TXTHSPA Boys62/10/2024 5:07:24 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Karnes City InvitationalKarnes City HS GymTHSPA Boys52/10/2024 3:22:13 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Levelland InvitationalLevelland High SchoolTHSPA Boys12/10/2024 6:45:45 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Louise InvitationalLouiseTHSPA Boys42/10/2024 2:52:56 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Perryton InvitationalRette GymTHSPA Boys12/10/2024 3:41:59 PMView Standings
2/10/2024Smithville Powerlifting ChampionshipsSmithville High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/10/2024 4:42:44 PMView Standings
2/9/2024!st Annual George Luna Memorial Outdoor PL ClassicBishop CISDTHSPA Boys52/9/2024 9:44:04 PMView Standings
2/9/202415th Annual Asa Chambless ClassicCalallen FEMA DomeTHSPA Boys52/9/2024 4:32:17 PMView Standings
2/9/2024Boutwell Midnight SpecialCapello GymTHSPA Boys52/17/2024 11:36:21 AMView Standings
2/9/2024Boutwell's Midnight SpecialCapello GymTHSPA Boys52/9/2024 4:07:10 PMView Standings
2/9/2024Boutwell's Midnight Special FinalCapello GymTHSPA Boys52/10/2024 11:16:15 PMView Standings
2/9/2024Boutwells Midnight SpecialCapello GymTHSPA Boys52/14/2024 9:56:55 AMView Standings
2/9/2024First Annual George Luna Memorial Outdoor PL ClassicBishop CISDTHSPA Boys52/12/2024 8:27:14 PMView Standings
2/9/2024Platform 1 BoysHowe165 and 18162/9/2024 3:01:50 PMView Standings
2/9/2024Riverview Rockets Meet of ChampionsCuh GymTHSPA Boys52/9/2024 3:02:58 PMView Standings
2/8/20242024 Valley View League MeetBob Andrew Ag Science Building - Valley View, TexaTHSPA Boys62/8/2024 8:07:23 PMView Standings
2/8/20244th Brahma Strong Powerlifting MeetHM King High School Old GymTHSPA Boys52/8/2024 3:13:43 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Brownsville Lopez InvitationalBrownsvilleTHSPA Boys52/8/2024 6:56:17 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Bulldog InvitationalMcGregor Junior High GymTHSPA Boys22/8/2024 9:19:13 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Clyde Tri Meet 2Clyde High SchoolTHSPA Boys12/8/2024 7:47:17 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Comanche TRIBE Powerlifting ClassicComanche High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/8/2024 10:31:31 PMView Standings
2/8/2024H.O.T POWERLIFTING MEETBRADY HIGH SCHOOLTHSPA Boys22/8/2024 11:04:17 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Lehman Powerlifting MeetLehman High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/8/2024 9:40:33 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Lubbock High Boys QuadChapman Field HouseTHSPA Boys12/8/2024 7:56:37 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Rio Hondo Bobcat Powerlifting InvitationalMain GymTHSPA Boys52/8/2024 2:08:29 PMView Standings
2/8/2024Springtown Boys InvitationalSpringtown High School IndoorTHSPA Boys62/8/2024 9:55:39 PMView Standings
2/3/202413th Annual Orange Grove Bulldog BashOrange Grove HS GYMTHSPA Boys52/3/2024 3:56:22 PMView Standings
2/3/20243rd Annual Marvin Allen InvitationalSomerset Jr. High GymTHSPA Boys52/3/2024 6:56:20 PMView Standings
2/3/2024BULLDAWG CLASSICCOPPERAS COVETHSPA Boys12/3/2024 5:46:05 PMView Standings
2/3/2024Dalhart InvitationalDalhartTHSPA Boys12/3/2024 1:43:25 PMView Standings
2/3/2024First Annual Beau Savanich Memorial Powerlifting ClassicTuloso Midway Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys52/3/2024 4:10:01 PMView Standings
2/3/2024Lehman Lobos InvitationalLehman High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/3/2024 3:50:56 PMView Standings
2/3/2024McAllen Memorial Powerliifing MeetMemorial HS, McAllen, TXTHSPA Boys52/3/2024 6:08:26 PMView Standings
2/3/2024MPHS Invintational Feb 3rd MeetMount PleasantTHSPA Boys32/3/2024 1:00:28 PMView Standings
2/3/2024Woodsboro Invitational MeetWoodsboro ISDTHSPA Boys52/12/2024 8:29:22 PMView Standings
2/2/2024Dumas Tri-MeetDumasTHSPA Boys12/2/2024 8:54:33 PMView Standings
2/2/2024PSJA Tri City MeetSan Juan B GymTHSPA Boys52/2/2024 10:47:09 PMView Standings
2/2/2024Viking Invitational 3Cab BuildingTHSPA Boys52/2/2024 6:02:52 PMView Standings
2/1/2024Veterans Memorial InvitationalCABTHSPA Boys52/1/2024 5:54:51 PMView Standings
2/1/2024Wink Tri-Meet 2WinkTHSPA Boys12/1/2024 8:57:14 PMView Standings
1/31/2024Brazos InvitationBrazos High SchoolTHSPA Boys41/31/2024 9:18:23 PMView Standings
1/31/2024Calallen Boys MeetCalallen FEMA DomeTHSPA Boys51/31/2024 5:16:21 PMView Standings
1/31/2024Floyd County MeetFloyd County Friends Unity Center 990 FM-786 LocknTHSPA Boys12/2/2024 5:22:27 PMView Standings
1/31/2024Reagan County Invitational (Boys)Big LakeTHSPA Boys21/31/2024 8:25:59 PMView Standings
1/31/2024Whampus Cats Power InvetationalItasca, TexasTHSPA Boys22/1/2024 8:58:09 AMView Standings
1/30/2024Jesuit InvitationalDallas, TXTHSPA Boys31/30/2024 8:32:17 PMView Standings
1/29/2024KHS LiftKemp High SchoolTHSPA Boys32/12/2024 3:45:21 PMView Standings
1/29/2024Sanger League Boys Meet 2Sanger Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys61/30/2024 1:01:34 PMView Standings
1/27/20242024 Sundown InvitationalSundown High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/27/2024 3:35:51 PMView Standings
1/27/20248th Annual Trailblazer InvitationalQuest GymTHSPA Boys51/27/2024 3:13:11 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Alice InvitationalAliceTHSPA Boys51/27/2024 3:25:45 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Andrews InvtationalAndrews High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/27/2024 3:37:36 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Borger InvitationalBorger High School Turf RoomTHSPA Boys11/27/2024 12:29:55 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Buckaroo InvitationalNTE GymTHSPA Boys51/27/2024 1:06:32 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Elgin Wildcat Invitational (Boys)Elgin, TexasTHSPA Boys21/27/2024 5:54:18 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Frenship Tiger InvitationalNGC Center, Frenship High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/27/2024 9:54:06 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Hornet InvitationalGatesville High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/27/2024 3:38:11 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Jag Power ChampionshipBuda Johnson HSTHSPA Boys11/27/2024 4:20:19 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Navarro InvitationalNavarro ISDTHSPA Boys42/12/2024 1:08:27 PMView Standings
1/27/2024Perryton MiniRette GymTHSPA Boys11/27/2024 12:44:59 PMView Standings
1/27/2024S and S Rams Invitational (after bench)S and S High SchoolTHSPA Boys61/27/2024 12:54:58 PMView Standings
1/27/2024S and S Rams Invitational (after deadlift)S and S High SchoolTHSPA Boys61/27/2024 2:10:44 PMView Standings
1/27/2024S and S Rams Invitational (after squat)S and S High SchoolTHSPA Boys61/27/2024 10:56:54 AMView Standings
1/27/2024Sabine Bo Bates InvitationalSabine High SchoolTHSPA Boys31/27/2024 2:48:18 PMView Standings
1/27/2024STJ Power FestVictoria, TexasTHSPA Boys51/27/2024 4:37:05 PMView Standings
1/26/2024Edcouch Elsa Yellowjacket QuadCapello GymTHSPA Boys51/26/2024 8:03:47 PMView Standings
1/26/2024Mission Eagles Powerlifting 2nd AnnualMission High School GymTHSPA Boys51/26/2024 4:52:38 PMView Standings
1/26/2024Viking Invitational 2Cab BuildingTHSPA Boys51/26/2024 5:23:40 PMView Standings
1/26/2024West Oso Powerlifting Invitational RenewWest Oso High SchoolTHSPA Boys51/26/2024 2:30:22 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Bearcat Invitational Meet (BOYS)Ballinger JH GymTHSPA Boys11/25/2024 9:22:28 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Bruni Badger Classic BoysBruni HSTHSPA Boys51/25/2024 9:03:33 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Bull Dawg InvitationalMagnolia High SchoolTHSPA Boys41/25/2024 8:57:55 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Hico Invitational MeetHicoTHSPA Boys21/25/2024 8:37:02 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Kerens InvitationalKerens, TexasTHSPA Boys31/25/2024 7:34:44 PMView Standings
1/25/2024La Feria Tri-MeetSam Houston Weight RoomTHSPA Boys51/25/2024 2:52:36 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Llano Yellow Jacket Powerlifting MeetLlano, TexasTHSPA Boys21/26/2024 9:40:08 AMView Standings
1/25/2024Lubbock High Boys Tri-MeetChapman Field HouseTHSPA Boys11/25/2024 7:43:22 PMView Standings
1/25/2024NAVARRONAVARROTHSPA Boys41/26/2024 10:44:03 AMView Standings
1/25/2024Nocona InvitationalNocona JH GymTHSPA Boys61/25/2024 11:12:00 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Porter InvitationalWellness Center, 708 Palm Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78THSPA Boys51/25/2024 5:49:09 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Sudan Co-Op#2Sudan High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/26/2024 5:39:24 PMView Standings
1/25/2024Weslaco High School Boys Quad MeetWeslaco High SchoolTHSPA Boys51/26/2024 9:07:09 AMView Standings
1/25/2024Wink Tri-Meet 1WinkTHSPA Boys11/25/2024 9:11:17 PMView Standings
1/24/2024Liberty MeetLiberty High SchoolTHSPA Boys41/25/2024 1:12:30 PMView Standings
1/23/20243rd Brahma Strong Powerlifting MeetHM King High School Old GymTHSPA Boys51/25/2024 4:14:48 PMView Standings
1/23/2024Liberty Hill Closet Meet BoysLiberty Hill Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys21/25/2024 11:05:42 AMView Standings
1/22/2024Hornet Boys InvitationalAzle High School IndoorTHSPA Boys61/25/2024 10:11:51 PMView Standings
1/20/20242024 George West InvitationalGeorge West, TX - George West High SchoolTHSPA Boys51/20/2024 2:17:55 PMView Standings
1/20/20242024 Mexia Blackcat InvitationalMexia Junior HighTHSPA Boys21/20/2024 2:42:36 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Bishop Invitational 2Bishop HSTHSPA Boys51/20/2024 4:20:42 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Coahoma InvitationalCoahoma High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/20/2024 5:45:01 PMView Standings
1/20/2024East Central InvitationalLegacy Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys11/21/2024 11:21:15 AMView Standings
1/20/2024Fort Stockton Prowler InvitationalFort Stock High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/20/2024 12:59:05 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Fort Stockton Prowler Invitational (after Bench)Fort Stockton High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/20/2024 2:53:39 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Fort Stockton Prowler Invitational (after Deadlift)Fort Stockton High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/20/2024 5:34:33 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Fort Stockton Prowler Invitational (after Squat)Fort Stock High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/20/2024 1:25:54 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Georgetown Powerlifting ClassicGHSTHSPA Boys21/20/2024 1:51:14 PMView Standings
1/20/2024La Joya Palmview Invitational Powerlifting MeetPalmview High SchoolTHSPA Boys51/20/2024 3:39:36 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Moody Powerlifting MeetMoody High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/20/2024 3:18:35 PMView Standings
1/20/2024Rio Vista InvitationalRio VistaTHSPA Boys21/20/2024 3:11:46 PMView Standings
1/19/2024ECISD Big Cat MeetGymTHSPA Boys51/19/2024 6:32:21 PMView Standings
1/19/2024Orange Grove Bulldog Invitational 2Orange Grove Building ChampionsTHSPA Boys51/19/2024 7:11:07 PMView Standings
1/19/2024Viking Invitational #1Cab BuildingTHSPA Boys51/19/2024 2:21:14 PMView Standings
1/19/2024Viking Invitational 1Cab BuildingTHSPA Boys51/19/2024 4:31:55 PMView Standings
1/18/20242nd Brahma Strong Powerlifting MeetHM King High School Some BTHSPA Boys51/18/2024 5:20:07 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Battle on the BoarderMisssion VeteransTHSPA Boys51/18/2024 4:27:52 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Clyde Tri MeetClyde High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/18/2024 7:47:51 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Dimmitt Powerlifting MeetDimmitt ACTHSPA Boys11/19/2024 1:00:23 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Dublin Invitational 2024Dublin HSTHSPA Boys21/18/2024 8:45:57 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Hanna InvitationalBrownsvilleTHSPA Boys51/18/2024 6:23:28 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Iron Cat InvitationalSHS IndoorTHSPA Boys61/19/2024 1:53:32 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Iron Cat Invitational - SquatSHSTHSPA Boys61/18/2024 6:57:15 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Iron Cat Invitational - thru BenchSHSTHSPA Boys61/18/2024 9:46:51 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Lake View Tri-MeetLake View High SchoolTHSPA Boys11/18/2024 8:50:08 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Lampasas InvitationalLampasas High SchoolTHSPA Boys21/18/2024 9:18:46 PMView Standings
1/18/2024New Caney ISD League MeetNew Caney AnnexTHSPA Boys41/19/2024 3:36:46 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Platfomr 3 - 220SHSTHSPA Boys61/19/2024 1:14:10 AMView Standings
1/18/2024Rio Hondo Bobcat Tri-MeetWeightroomTHSPA Boys51/18/2024 3:15:29 PMView Standings
1/18/2024Whitesboro Boys MeetSanger Middle SchoolTHSPA Boys61/19/2024 4:54:54 PMView Standings
1/12/2024Yellow Jacket InvitationalMeridian High SchoolTHSPA Boys22/10/2024 9:58:56 AMView Standings
3/10/2014Sample meet - best liftsSandhill SoftwareBoys Division12/15/2024 10:36:03 AMView Standings